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Stories from the families we serve.

We have served many families along their journey to find stability and a place to call home. Read their stories of strength and perseverance below.


August 9, 2018

Hard Work Pays Off

Tina had a full-time job at a fast food restaurant and she was renting a room with her two children. Everything was going well until her landlord passed away and the house went for foreclosure. She couldn’t afford any other apartment in the area with the limited time and her limited earning. Tina contacted St […]

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June 28, 2016

A Steadfast and Loving Mother

Ms K is St Mary’s Franciscan Shelter’s newest success story. She is in fact her OWN success story as she did all of the work! Ms K was, self admittedly, tired of living on the edge. She knew it wasn’t good for her children to live that life and she knew she wasn’t setting a […]

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second chances
June 23, 2016

Second Chances

So often the families who come to Saint Mary’s are seeking a second, third or fourth chance. Last spring we met a lovely young mother named Sasha (not her real name) who was struggling to keep her family together. Her daughter was already separated from them and living with relatives out of town. She lived […]

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adios y cuidense
June 23, 2016

Adios Y Cuidense!

Ray and his son Ray (JuJu), as he is called by his Dad, came to St. Mary’s in November. Ray’s primary concern was to take care of his son. We were delighted to welcome this single father who from our first meeting was a loving, caring parent who put his son above all else. For example […]

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