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April and Son

Home for Christmas

Meet April, who with her son, came to St. Mary’s Shelter hoping to get their lives back on track. April had struggled with addiction for over a decade. When she arrived at St. Mary’s, she had just finished six months in a Rehabilitation Center for families. April’s competence was first recognized at the rehabilitation center where she was appointed a group leader. 

April made the decision to come to Saint Mary’s directly from the rehabilitation Center as she knew to get back on her feet, she needed great strength and security. Every decision that April made, was based on her goal… creating a better life for her son. 

April started the day she arrived at St. Mary’s! She got a job, got her son into a local school district and began researching housing. Staying at the shelter and setting these goals with the case manager were an important start to her success. 

Within a few weeks, she landed a job with a local insurance company, where she is enjoying her position and her co-workers. She is a go-getter and is an inspiration to others that you can do whatever you set your mind to. April always came to her case management meetings with a smile on her face, notes in hand, and ready to get things done. Success is not coming easily to April. With no money or car, she has to walk or take a bus to try to reach her goals. Each day remains very challenging. She begins the day by waiting for the school bus with her son in Phoenixville and then races to catch her bus to her job in King of Prussia. After working six hours, she gets the bus back to St. Mary’s in order to meet her son at the end of his school day. Job searches, housing visits, and appointments all have to fit into the daily schedule that she follows. She is tireless in her pursuit and is reaping the rewards of her struggles. We here at St. Mary’s wish April and her son success and happiness on their journey.