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Our Stories

Hard Work Pays Off

Tina had a full-time job at a fast food restaurant and she was renting a room with her two children. Everything was going well until her landlord passed away and the house went for foreclosure. She couldn’t afford any other apartment in the area with the limited time and her limited earning.

Tina contacted St Mary’s shelter for help and almost immediately got in with her children in June 2018. She had to quit her job as commuting daily from Phoenixville to the town of her job location via public transport system was not feasible especially with her acute back pain. However, she left on good note with the employer with the assurance of hiring her back if needed.

At St Mary’s shelter, we provided her case management support and adequate resources to plan her next action to get back on her feet. We made sure her children didn’t lose school days and hence, we worked with the school district to arrange the bus services. Tina was one of the most diligent residents we had in the shelter. She followed all instructions, kept us updated on her progress, took benefit of networks and resources provided by the case manager and kept on pushing herself to get back on her feet despite her physical and intellectual challenges. St Mary’s staff helped her with updating her resume and applying for new jobs. In the mean time we arranged a SPDAT for her with the help of Human Resources for her Housing Assessment status. Fortunately, she qualified under Section 8 for a voucher which means she got housing. A case worker from Handi-Crafter helped Tina and her family with the furniture and moving to their new house at the end of July 2018.

Tina’s delightful and well-behaved children were walking proof of her good parenting. She said, “My stay at St Mary’s shelter was great. The staff were great and the shelter itself is very organized, clean and beautiful.” Tina said her next goals are to find a job and get a driver’s license. She definitely sets a positive example for other families to follow. We wish her the best for all her future endeavors.