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Our Stories

A Steadfast and Loving Mother

Ms K is St Mary’s Franciscan Shelter’s newest success story. She is in fact her OWN success story as she did all of the work!

Ms K was, self admittedly, tired of living on the edge. She knew it wasn’t good for her children to live that life and she knew she wasn’t setting a good example for them. So one day she went looking for help and ended up in Gaudenzia. At Gaudenzia she received 7 months treatment for her drug habit and after completing the program she came to St Mary’s Shelter to travel down the next leg of her journey, being independent and preparing to live on her own.

While at St Mary’s she continued to do outpatient therapy and worked diligently on getting her life in order. Once she got her Section 8 voucher she searched for a home for her and her family. After a long and exhaustive search, she finally found one. She often had many obstacles placed in her way but she always had faith, both in herself and in her religion. Ms K was a model resident and while at the shelter she always attended parenting class and many times was a wise voice of reason with the younger moms. She and her children were a joy to have with us. What we will remember most about Ms K is her determination and her willingness to own her mistakes as well as her sheer desire to correct the wrongs in her life and make a better life for her and her children. She always put her children first. ! Good luck Ms K & family!!