about us

Personal Case Management to guide our families home.

We provide Personal Case Management and on-site coaching in order to support our families in reaching their goals.

With guidance and support, our families are empowered to execute their personal plans developed as part of case management, and to achieve goals including rapid re-housing.

  1. We provide 24-hour supervision and assistance by experienced caring employees.
  2. The shelter provides residents:
    • A private room, communal living space, and meals.
    • Life skills taught on-site: parenting, household management, and nutrition.
    • Facilitation of employment, debt counseling, education, childcare, and future housing.
  3. We collaborate with local agencies and churches.
  4. Residents must follow guidelines presented upon admission, remain drug and alcohol free, and make consistent progress toward independence.

Our Results

  • Over 60% of our residents have jobs at departure. Only 18% had jobs when they arrived.
  • Nearly 40% of our residents find homes. The national average for home placement is 12%.