Join us in serving the families at St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter.

We have an army of volunteers that help us make a tremendous difference in families’ lives. We welcome you to join us weekly, monthly or annually.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Playroom – This takes place on weeknights from 7 to 8 PM. Volunteers take the resident children into the playroom to play games, do a craft, see a video, play board games, etc., while the parent(s) can do a load of wash, take a shower, and/or participate in the Parent Support Group.

Dinner Help – Volunteers arrive at St. Mary’s Franciscan Shelter at 5 PM to help put dinner on the table. We have a Meals Program in place, but we need help to get it all together and on the table by 5:30. Volunteers eat with the staff and residents and then help to clear the table and load the dishwasher. Work is finished before 7 PM.

Yardwork – Volunteers are needed to do light yard work such as mowing grass, pulling weeds, mulching, tending to our gardens, etc. This is a flexible opportunity that can be done at your convenience.

Office Assistance – Office assistants answer the phone and doors, perform clerical work (including computer input, mailings, bookkeeping, and filing and sorting), and complete other administrative
tasks to keep St. Mary’s running smoothly.

Housekeeping – A few examples of basic cleanup tasks include tidying up the dining room after the morning meal, freshening up the public areas, and laundering sheets and towels.

Miscellaneous – Some other volunteer opportunities occur on an as-needed basis. We are happy to see if any as-needed tasks meet with your desires and talents for serving our families.

Become a Volunteer

We know that everyone is busy and we will endeavor to fit your schedule to our needs. For more information about volunteering contact the shelter at 610.933.3097, or contact us here.