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Our Stories

Peace, Love, and Grandmom

Latoya* and her two grandchildren came to us late in 2020. They had become homeless due to extended family circumstances, as well as the pandemic. Her granddaughter, Zoey, was getting ready to complete her senior year in high school and grandson, Tyler, was getting ready to go to kindergarten in September. The pandemic complicated these things and so many more in Latoya’s life. She came to St. Mary’s both nervous and hopeful.

Latoya set to work on her goals with housing being number one. She needed a permanent place for her grandchildren, somewhere they could call home. Zoey began learning virtually. She was a good student and jumped right into her school work with plans to attend college after finishing high school. Tyler got registered and began his kindergarten classes as well. Latoya wanted to make sure they both were getting the education they needed.

The section 8 voucher housing assistance program was a perfect fit for a grandmother raising two grandchildren. We set to work getting her on the housing list. Meanwhile, Latoya was housecleaning throughout the pandemic so that she could have some savings when they found their new home. Each family member did their part daily as they waited for their new home to be located.

It took a little longer than expected, but finally Latoya found an apartment that fit their criteria and they were ready to move. It is a tribute to Latoya that she kept moving forward with hope as she waited for her home to be found. The road was a little long and arduous, but it finally happened for this lovely family. They moved happily into their home and we wish them great success in the future!  

*Names have been changed