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second chances

Second Chances

So often the families who come to Saint Mary’s are seeking a second, third or fourth chance. Last spring we met a lovely young mother named Sasha (not her real name) who was struggling to keep her family together. Her daughter was already separated from them and living with relatives out of town.

She lived with the hope that she would regain custody of her daughter, remain able to care for her 2 sons and find a way to support her small family on the monies that she was receiving from her job cleaning houses. The future looked dim, scary and uncertain.

When Sasha’s time at the shelter came to an end, she found that all she could do was send her sons to their father in New York, take a room in a less than desirable boarding house and do her best to regain some level of dignity and security.

As the winter months evolved, we at the Shelter heard reports that Sasha was going to move into the Women’s shelter in town. She did this as she completed the last leg of her very courageous journey.

The seasons changed and as the Spring came about, we were honored to assist Sasha again. This time she was on her feet, had a real job in a corporate office in Wayne, and had rented a three bedroom home. Her sense of pride was evident. We offered her some furnishings, some household products, and anything we had that she needed. Sasha was now once again the primary parent for her three children!

No one can know the number of risks, chances, coincidences, and true blessings that made this second chance happen. What we do know is that Sasha was a women of courage and strength. She dug deep, remained focused on her goals and reached the prize she so desired. .. her family together, a roof over their head, food in their tummies and a parent ready and able to take on the greatest job in the world… raising her children in a safe and loving home. We wish them continued success and a bright future.