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adios y cuidense

Adios Y Cuidense!

Ray and his son Ray (JuJu), as he is called by his Dad, came to St. Mary’s in November. Ray’s primary concern was to take care of his son. We were delighted to welcome this single father who from our first meeting was a loving, caring parent who put his son above all else.

For example during his time here Ju-Ju had to have dental surgery, which he handled with ease. Dad however had a difficult time, due to his son being in discomfort. Ray was warm and nurturing to his son all through his healing process. JuJu being the little trooper he is, returned to school in two days, he kept telling staff “I’m good. My mouth doesn’t hurt.”

Ray engaged the staff with his humor, his kindness and willingness to help in any way possible. During the blizzard, he was first one out to shovel, and snow blow our sidewalks. When the melting began, he would salt the sidewalks to keep them clear for our residents and neighbors.

Ray found work as a detailer in a local garage. Although he had plenty of cars to work on, his gregarious personality kept bringing on more business. He would bring home photos of the cars be completed and shared them with the staff. St. Joseph University was among his favorites.

Ray greeted everyone warmly with “hola, como esta” (hello, how are you?). His pleasant personality and humorous disposition was enjoyed by all around him. Upon leaving he said Adios,y cuidense! Goodbye and take care. We wish him all the best on his journey and hope his life is full of many blessings.

He has joined family members in Dallas, TX and called to report he and JuJu are very happy.